Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hey everyone! So this past week has had it hard moments but it's also had it's amazing highs too. My grandmother passed away last Friday (a day after everyone found out she was sick)......with everything taking place so fast it's been a little hard to say the least. It's also a big bummer i cant be with my family right now to help out. Please be praying for my mom (it was her mom) and my aunts everyone is having a hard time with this. My cousins and siblings are working through it too! There's a lot more to this story but really all they need right now is to be lifted up to the Father. So today started off great! I woke up feeling good. Last night i went tobed feeling all sorts of nasty sick so feeling better is a blessing.
So this morning i went to the press walla (the guy that presses clothes) he's like a three step walk from you front door। So I said hello and practiced some language with him as we founded my clothes out and then figured out a price. That was fun and then I was offered Chai, so it was cool to get to spend a little time talking and hanging out. While i was there a lady i hadn't met before came over to say hello. She looks to be my age possibly a little older but she was realy nice. Her name is Anu but we can call her "A". So she came over and was talking with me, in Hindi/English. It was really neat, she told me she's from a different part of the country and it getting used to the BIG-D. So it was cool to know that I have a national friend going through cultural adjustment too. It turns out she moved her shorty after getting married and now she works with her husband doing food prep for events. She said that cooking in this part of the country is was different because they dont like their food spicey here. We decided that she would have to cook some spicey food for my roommate and I so we could give it a shot. Today i also have coffee with a girl from Texas. She just moved here a few months ago as well but she's having a really hard time adjusting. Please be kneeling for her and praise the Lord too that she's here. I am so thankful to the Lord that my culture shock has been really minimal i really love this place. Even with all the crazy family stuff that has happened the last two weeks i still love this place. Every now and then when i'm walking down the street......I think to myself THIS IS MY HOME! It's really cool. I get to live in this totally different place and get to do some really amazing stuff. I really enjoy my job and have had a wonderful time forming friendships. So please praise the Father for giving me lots of joy being here and pray that culture shock would continue to be minimal.

Well here's a link to some new photos I hope you like them :)
I've also added new photos of Easter to this album (it's one you've seen before) hope you like them (they're at the end)

I pray all of you have a great day!

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