Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few Days Shy of the 1st Month!!!!

Hey Everyone! Greetings from South Asia!
So the time has flown by! The fist two weeks in my homestay have been AMAZING! I know that was something I've had all of you praying for, so thank you, thank you, thank you! My Family in the village are so amazing! They are followers of the Way and really love out Father. There have been some funny things that have taken place in the two weeks.
First I was a little sick when Imoved out there with some stomach issues sooo I decided I would skip dinner. My papa (dad in the homestay) was a little worried but I told him going to sleep would probably help. I really didn't want to go into what was wrong because it would have been really embarrassing and the language barrier was an issue. So as I was in bed trying to get some sleep and then my little sister (Ellyon) comes in. She is so cute, she doesn't speak much Enlgish but she just crawled up onto the bed and sat next to me and started praying over me. When she prays it's the cutest and most amazing thing to hear. She really know how to talk to the Father and with her whole heart and she's only 6!
So she came in and them Papa and brother came into the room with the pastor, then they all decided to pray for me. I told them it was just a stomach thing and wasnt such a big deal. But once again that didn't translate and prayer is prayer right! Take what you can get. It was just really funny to not be feeling that well and just want to get away and then you have just about the entier family in your room.
As the week went on I started to feel more and more at home. One afternoon I decided I would go take a nap downs stairs in my room but Mommi (Mommy) said I could not go down stairs because I would be alone and that might not be good (this is all what I picked up through the little amount of language I knew and gestures. So she said I could stay in the main room/really only room of the house and take a nap. In her bed/cot with her and little sister. It was funny but a good ice breaker at the same time. I knew the home stay would be an adventure and would get me more out of my box. I am a person who usually needs a fair amount of personal space but since being here you take what you can get. In all reality things that I used to really care about back in the States are starting to fade-away ( i.e. Peronsonal space, food likes and dislikes, germ-aphobia, and the need for a shower/splash bath everyday. Now it has come to where a great highlight is the days I get to bathe!!!! You see I don't want my family to think I'm more high-maintenance than what is absolutely necessary : )
My language tutor is amazing! I just love her! She is a sweet sister in the Way and a true encourager, I think she's going to be a good friend to have. She has been teaching me all the basics. First I learned the basics: greetings, how to buy fruit, how to get an auto rickshaw, counting, fruit names and veggie names, family member's names, and I learned two stories! : ) the first story is when JC calms the storm and the second is the plan of salvation.
I've had the chance to tell my whole family JC calms the storm story and they've helped me with pronunciation. I then went out and told the kids that live on my block (I used pictures too so that if I did say a word wrong they would get the basic idea).
I had a chance to share the Plan with someone. There was a group of us there and a national follower who really explained everything to the man much more in full. And he came to JC!!!!
It was totally amazing! Be praying for him as he does not live near any other followers that he knows of.

I would love to tell all of you about playing badminton. One night my Byaa (brother) had just come home from playing badminton with some friends I really wanted to play. I've noticed in this culture girls don't really play many sports but I've been itching to get more active. So I told him I played tennis in the states and has play badminton a few times and would love to play sometime. Byaa decided that we would just go play right then in front of the house it was so fun. The all the kids started coming out of their houses and watching and then playing too. The best was this little guy name Raj (his name means King in Hindi). Raj is paralized from the waist down and drags his leggs behind him but I thought I would really love to see him hit. From dragging himself around all day he must have some strong arms and great hand eye coordination so he played. He was stinking amazing! He has the most amazing smile! It was such a joy to play with him and see the other kids play with him too.

This past week I signed a lease on a great flat. I will be sharing with another girl. It's on the second floor of a three floor house. Each floor of the house is like it's own apartment. I will post pictures once we get it clean and move in. The landlord is sooo sweet. He's just so adorable, he's in his 80's. We were told to call him daddy-g (g is a sign of honor and respect at the end of a name). When we were there to sign the lease their entier family came over. Two daughters, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter. It has big trees around it that amazing bird live in, Daddy-G feeds them on the first floor so they hang around the flat a lot. They bring a peaceful feeling to the place.

Well my mind is feeling a little scrambled so I probably should head out. Thanks again everyone I hope you love the pictures!

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