Monday, February 16, 2009

A great week!

Hellllloooo everyone!!!!! So this past week was pretty crazy cool!

The week started with little sister running up to me and saying, "DEDE! DEDE!" It was a nice welcome home! On Friday I saw my teammates and then they came home with my Mommi and me. It was really fun, we got to dance with people for a wedding. All Bollywood style it was really funny. My friend S was kind of showing us how to dance. It was sooo fun!!!! They music was just a guy playing a big drum and hitting it with this crazy looking stick. It was pretty fun stuff, I wish you all could have been there to see it.

My neighbors have Mario Brothers!!!! : ) it's pretty cool we get to hang out and I practice my language with them, they practice their English, and we play Mario. It's great relationship building. It's pretty funny the things people don't have and the things they do (the things that supprise me are the TV's, video games, & Olay face cream). This week I learned how to sew beeds onto my dupata (scarf like thing that signifies a woman's virtue) my Papa said I could earn lots of money in this country. So now my dupata is all blinged out, it's pretty great!

I also was able to venture off to the market with my friend and her auntie. It was great, we went to the hair stylist (which was pretty sketchy looking). Auntie got her eyebrows done (by way of sewing string) it was pretty cool to see. She only payed like $00.12 cents it was pretty neat. Then my friend got her hair cut, they cut off what looked like a centemeter and she paid like $5. Then we went bangle shopping it was neat I got pink and white ones. I got to visit with my two littl name sake puppies. Puja the bunny died last week it was sad.

Elyon's Mom, Dad and little brother came to visit. They live really far away so it was great to see them and meet Elyon's mom and dad. It turns out Elyon's name is Greek for (God came down.....or something). Her dad went to seminary it was great to try and talk to him (try is the word........ language is rough man!). Aside from the fun family visit Elyon went home with her mom and dad. I was really sad, she was my little side-kick. We did tons of stuff together, we listened to my i-pod, play with my recorder, helped me learn the names of animals, and the body. We also would skip down the street and play hand clapping games, she's a pretty cool chica. So needless to say I was really sad to see her go but I'm going to go visit her with Mommi and Byaa next month.

It was a good week, a few weeks ago the highlight was watching squirrels eat cow poop.

I also got to tell my friend what I learned about in church that was cool. So we talked about the woman anointing JC's feet and the parable of the talents. It was sooo cool! Please be kneeling for S, she's a great friend and I love getting to know her. Please kneel that the Lord would be tugging at her heart and that I would be his tool.

Next week is my last week doing the homestay, I'm really going to miss my family! I have come to really enjoy being with them and miss them on my days out. Please be kneeling for a great final week in. Once I finish the homestay I'll be in my apartment solo 5 out of 7 days which is coool but could be lonely. Please be kneeling for the Lord to be setting up frienships with people that will live near my flat. Also kneel for S and our freinship to continue even when I'm not there are much.

K love ya'll Sarah


Eric said...

Hey Sarah,

It is good to hear you are doing well. I got a few minutes to check out your blog. I am glad you are enjoying watching the squirrels eat cow poop. There must be some messed up squirrels in South Asia. Just want you to know I am thinking of you. I will try to check back soon. Love ya,
Eric M.

Sarah said...

Thanks Eric! I saw the pictures on Lica's facebook of the kiddies at the aquarium. I loved the one of them in the eggshell Noah's face is great. The squirrels here are so funny. They look like squirrels but they have the painting of chipmunks and they talk all the time they're really loud it's funny. Thanks for your encouragment and thoughts to the Father. Lova ya too! Tell Kimmie and Noah hello for me.