Monday, March 2, 2009

My New Place!!!!

Greetings! My final week in the homestay was amazing. I felt like I was getting the language down more and really enjoyed spending time with my village family. They are amazing people. I had some fun experiences playing badminton with my Byaa and with a 10 year old names Pinky. Pinky was actually really good so it was a lot of fun to get to know a sweet little girl. So far the only girls I know are closer to my age besides my little sister Elyon.
I wore a sari it was bright yellow and all decked out in sparkles. It's funny things that in the US would be deamed freak like to wear are totally cool here. I love all the bright colors and all the mixing of colors and patterns. I have been taking advantage of all of it. Getting into the Sari was a task let me tell you! You wear like a little skirt/slip pettie coat under it so your undies are covered and taken care of and then they put you in this scary tiny top. But thank goodness the Sari covers like jut about your entier side so not much skin besides your arms show. I got to take a taxi ride with Mommi, Byaa and my friend/language tutor to go see my sister Gita. Gita is one of Mommi's 6 daughters she is the only daughter that lives close by. She lives a few sub-cities over. Visiting her was a blast, she has two adorable children and is a sweet sister in the Lord. She taught me some Hinid songs that believers here sing and she also knew some English believer songs. It was a great day. The week flew by so before I knew it I was moving out and headed to my new flat to get settled. It was a little sad to be moving out but I was really looking forward to setting my flat up. I think it also helped to know that I will be seeing them every Sunday when I go out to the village for fellowship.
So last Monday as soon as i got back to the big city I called a taxi and moved my three bags to my flat. My flat had already had the big items moved into it before I got there. So my fridge, oven, cook top, couch, dinning table, bed, washing machine, drying rack, towels & curtains were all waiting for me.
The first thing I did on Monday was get the internet set up, I had been told that once some people put in an application it can take anywhere from 30-60 days to have them come and get it going. Thank goodness they came two days after I called to set it up. Then on Tuesday I moved all my belongings into my room and got it set up and looking good. I had my landlord's cleaning lady come and help me with the floors. Since there is tons and tons of dirt in SouthAsia once you walk on your floors your feet turn a nasty shade of black. The floors need to be cleaned a minimum of three days a week. Cleaning the floors takes like 2 hours and since it's all marble there's a specific way they are cleaned. So I also hired her to clean my floors the minimum. Once she got the house all shiny and neat I cleaned the kitchen of all the black dirt that it had accumilated in the cabnets, drawers, counter tops, and shelves. It was an all day thing, who would have thought! Last week I also found where I will be buying veggies, fruit, all my dairy products, cleaning items, and MEAT. Now that I can choose what can of meat I eat I am a carnivore once again.

(While living in my homestay my papa asked me what kinds of meat I eat so I told him lots of chicken because even though they are believers they still dont eat beef). So when I thought of chicken I thought at worst there's going to be bones and that cool because I LOVE CHICKEN. Well when Papa came home from the market he had a bag full of chicken feet and chicken innards. YUMMMY!!!!!!!! yeah NOT)
So after that experience I decided to become a all veg eater (it's really common over here)

Since I've been in my new place I live alone 5 out of 7 nights because my roomate is doing a 12 week homestay. So being the massive extrovert I am I am making friends all over the place to make up for the lack of contact with people in my home. Growing up in a house hold of six people and living very close to my large extended family being alone is somewhat of a foreign concept. To my suprise I am doing way better than I thought I would. We have a Father that is a constant companion and the closest of friends.

a little note: the last few days I've had HORRIBLE luck with auto-rickshaw drivers. I've learned to go up in my price barganing but man oh man my patience have been tried. I've been ripped off a lot lately. I know as a foriegner thats to be expected but the other day what should have cost me 130 to 140 in my local currency ended up costing 170 and that was with the help of my papa. The rickshaw driver wanted 200 which I told him was not going to happen and was an unfair price. Once my I went and got my Papa he kinda was confronted my someone who knew he was ripping me off and Papa helped me. But here's where the Father was great to me today! I went to get a rickshaw to a market a little ways away and I was offered a really fair price and he said he would wait for me and give me a ride back to the place be picked me up at which is super close to my flat. He was a really nice driver, but not like creepy or overly nice(which is seen as flirting in this culture), he was just a stand up person. He made my day better and has raised my hopes for finding good auto rickshaw drivers


Eric said...

Hey Sarah,
I like the Sari. Can I get one for myself? I was thinking with some cute sandals and my hairy legs it could be a good look for me :).

Noah just took 7 steps today without help. He is really close to taking off. I love that pic of Noah, Malakhi and the moms as well. Noah's like "what are you looking at?" :). Kimmie says hi and Noah says "cat", his most recent word. P.S. Kimmie says, just because Noah said cat, that doesn't mean you should eat them :).

Love ya,

Eileen Hamilton said...

Hi Sarah,

Your new apartment looks nice. Glad you're settling in over there. It's still strange to think of you in India!

Today is Teal's 18th birthday. We're going to Disneyland to celebrate (Teal's a Disney-maniac - even worse than your mom).

I'm glad you're getting so much help learning the language. That would be a killer for me. We're thinking of you always.


Sarah said...

I will pick one up for you! What color is your color though? And Tell Kimmie I wont eat a cat, any meat I'm not sure what it is i try and not eat if i can help it.
So i watched noah's walking video. He's doing sooo good! I can't wait to see what he'll be into when i get back.

Aunt Eileen, I so can't believe Teal is 18!!!! Thats just crazy!
I'm glad you like the place, if you'd like maybe you can come and visit? :) He he and bring my mom or something :) I know it's a reach but who knows.

Language is starting to pick up! Thank the Lord, there are good days and bad ones. The last few through using Rosetta Stone have been good!