Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pictures of the Himalayas

Here are the links to the pictures of the Himalayas!




Eileen Hamilton said...

Hi Sarah,

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Your mom was glad to see you got her package. Cameron had his SFPD interview today and Trav had his CHP interview last Saturday. Jarrod is already a CHP officer here in SB. Do you see some trend here? I'm glad you're not going into law enforcement. I'm sure that some day one of my nephews will pull me over as a joke. Not funny.


Sarah said...

Hey Aunt Eileen! Yeah for St. Patricks day. I went to a Brit Expats house and they didn't even say Happy St. Patricks day....it was sad. I was really really missing my mom's St. Patricks day meal of Cabbage, Cornbeef and red potatos with carrots. It's great that Cj got an interview. I hope travis hears back soon. He's never lived with anyone but family it could be REALLY funny to see how he does living with other guys. Ha
Yeah I dont think I'll ever go into law enforcement so thats a safe bet.

Could you take Grandma to my pictures of the Himalayas? There are new ones up that weren't there before (in the second one SO I ATE BANANA PANCAKES IN THE HIMALAYAS the link doesn't light up put if you copy and paste it should take you there).
It's always great to see a note from you! Thanks for all your encouragment. I really needed it right now. I've been trying to pay my internet bill for the last few days and the phone/internet/cell phone company has been making me run in circles and driving me crazy. But all is worked out now and okay.Also could you show Nate some of the pictures too? There are a few of monkeys so he might like that. You can tell him how mean and scary they all. They attack people and steal their stuff. They're really cleptos
Love you guys! Sarah