Saturday, March 7, 2009

Europe In the Hills

So I have some fun news to tell everyone! I went to the Himalayas! It was a blast, it is so amazing there. My best friend lives just at the foothills of them and I went to visit her. I spent tons of time on a train so i could spend all day and all night Friday with her. We met at OBU (my college) the first week of shool and over the next three years she was there we became as close as sisters. So needless to say we had a total blast hanging out and laughing all day. This little trip all started on Thursday. I took the 3pm train from my city and got to her's at 9:30. We hung out and slept to prepair for the big day waiting for us.
When morning came I got to shower right before their water tank was empty (what a blessing). We had coffee and chatted for hours about friends, our family, how stuff has been going in South Asia, theology, JC and the Father and her wedding! She's getting married in October so there was lots of fun covos about that! When we finshed coffee we walked back to her house on the walk home her fiance called. I love Michael he's a pretty cool guy, it was fun to get to chat with him a little and them she how happy her face was to be talking to him. After the walk back to her house we had lunch with this amazing woman, her husband and kids. She is an OBU grad as well, she is so sweet and her kids are a blast to chill with. The meeting was no complete without a little ka-rip! Ka-rip is OBU's special go to chant!

Ka-rip Ka-rap Ka-riplo typlo tap
Oh! Oh!
Rincto lincto hio-totimusHopula scipula copula gotimus
Chink-to-lack Chink-to-leeKa-willa, Ka-walla, Ka Victory
Oh! Oh!
Hoogula choogula choogula can.Ragula tagula melican man
Let'er go rip, let'er go ruse
Tingula Tangula, turn'em a-loose
Zip! Bang! OBU!

Poor Gimpy even though we went to school together she's just not as cool as me and doesn't know ka-rip all the way through. SAD DAY :(

So after an AMAZING LUNCH! We got in a taxi and headed for........the HIMALAYAS!!!!!
Pretty darn sure I never thought I ever be going to South Asia and especially never the Himalayas. They are amazing! I've seen tons of mountains and mountain ranges before but this one is like totally different. It's nothing like the Mountain range in Half Moon Bay, Mount Arrow Head (So Cal), the Rockies, the Appalachians, The Witchitas (Oklahoma) or the mountains of Thailand. The city we went to was founded after a town in Wales. The city looked really European like around 1930. It was amazing! It didn't feel like we were in South Asia, it was a little oasis and vacation. We went shoe shopping i got the most adorable shoes for really cheap and can't wait to wear them. I bought a throw for my couch so my roommate could have something from there too. I ate AMAZING pancakes with bananas in them. This little village was really small, but it had the most amazing things! In this tiny shop they had STARBUCKS FRAP cold Coffee!!!!!! It was great, they had Kraft B-BQ sauce, Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing, Skippy Peanutbutter with honey, and tons of American food. I cant tell you what a suprise it was! I also found Jolley Ranchers!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were selling them at the place I ate pancakes, they are AMAZING. They are Jolley Rancher lollipops. The day was one of the best I've had in South Asia. It was a day of great joy. Being with her helped to give me more energy and get refreshed at the same time. My heart was so overfilled.
We were both really sad to have to come down the mountain. We named it Mount Horeb (Sinai) the Father brought us great joy. The Emprise goes on! We were mere steps away from Tibet!!!! (Millions-Thousands yes but still steps) I could see Tibet! The people on the mountain did not act like people in Gimpy's city or mine. People groups are different all over this region its pretty amazing and reallly nice to get to see new ones. I hope you all enjoy the pics! I'll also put some on Facebook and put the link in here so you can go see them even if you dont have facebook.
When you kneel for me, please thank the Father for me! He really brought me more joy in my heart than is possible to write, say or even put into words. Its one of those groaning of the heart things. Only he truely knows how much joy he brought me, I cant even put it into words. Being with a close friend and having a fun day was a true blessing. Please pray for Gimpy tooo!!!

So I came home to my city on the 5 am train, it arrived around 11:30 am so today has been a day of resting and prep for going to visit the village tomorrow YAYYYY! Four amazing days in a row. I've already contacted my good girl pals in the village and can't wait to see them. Please be kneeling for me as we grow in our friendships and please pray for the words to speak the Truth over their lives and tell the wonders of JC and having a relationship with him.


Eric said...
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Eric said...


Where is your signed Stained Glass poster? I saw other pictures on the wall of your new bedroom, but I noticed your SG poster is missing. It was probably stolen or something I am sure. : )


Sarah said...

Ha ha! Well you see before I moved over there they told us dont bring anything you really love because it might get ruined. So because I love the poster so much I thought i should leave it at home. But if you want......because I miss it SOOOO much you could ship me one. Just make sure not to claim how much its worth. You see customs might not agree with you that it's PRICELESS so it could be held in customes instead of three weeks like my candy was it could be held FOREVER. We wouldn't want that! When you ship it could you ship Princess to me too? I know you may be tempted to ship your scary black cat but Princess would be best.