Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad Day

Hey everyone! So I was talking with my roommate the other day. We both realized that usually when we write we write about the good days or the amazing stuff but never about the hard stuff or the stinky days. Well today has been a hard day! Nothing really big has happened that made it a hard or bad day. Usually it is a lot of little things that to a bad day, or sometimes just waking up in a bad mood. Today was not only a bad mood day but auto drivers drove me nuts. I realize that when you read this most of you will have been having a good day and will think well she just needs to gt over it or deal with it. I just wanted you guys to know that its days like today i really need your prayers and encouragement. Its days like today that make living here hard....when nothing in particular is going wrong. I love all of you and know you are behind me and lifting me up. I love this place, it's home but today I just wanted to be honest with you guys about the low points too.
Love, Sarah

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