Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Year in......One Year to Go!

Hey Everyone!
It's been a really long time. Things here have been really great.....very busy as well.
Since starting our three nights a week English class it has been crazy busy!!! Classes started and we had to rush getting each story and lesson done. It was a 12 week set and right now we have two weeks until we finish. It's been amazing working in the neighborhood we already kind of knew.
Besides doing the three day a week ESL class Stacey and I do a once a week class in a different slum. It's been really neat to see the differences between the two. Stacey and I have also been doing a weekly training with two national believers on how to enrich their ministry and a new tool of telling people about Jesus. Our boss has also started a weekly session with my team and some other people on how to use more stories and see the set she and her husband worked on for the last 4 years.
Besides work I've been busy with a trip to America. The trip was for my best friend's wedding. It was really nice to be back in the states and see her wedding. My parents came to Fort Worth to meet up with me a few days before the wedding. We had fun going around Dallas and Fort Worth....I had a great time going to Wal-Mart, the mall, and eating American food.
After the wedding I went to Oklahoma for two days to speak at some churches and visit with friends.
Being back in South Asia has been really nice, things have been really busy. There are some new people that just arrived and it was my Birthday. Yayyy for being 24...I guess. I know 24 isn't that old but it just seems strange. When I was younger I had big dreams on where I would be and what I would be doing. I don't think I ever really saw my life taking the path it has taken. It's really amazing to see how God can really change a person and change what they can do. Three years ago I was able to go on my first trip overseas. They trip was in Thailand and Laos, I fell in love with both countries and the Southeast Asian people. That's where I first knew I wanted to live overseas one day and be apart of something bigger than me or my dreams. Living in South Asia is a lot different than Southeast Asia and America at that but I love it. "Just follow the Lord, he wont lead you wrong." That's what my great aunt Sis said when I told her I was thinking of doing m-work outside of the states. It's so true, I would have never chosen this place or path for me but it's so totally fitting. I love that each day is an adventure and I love the friendships I have with these people. Some days this country drives me crazy but it's okay.....some days America drives people crazy too I guess. I have no idea where the Lord is taking me next but that's okay. I have no idea where I'll be after next October or what I'll be doing and right now I'm okay with that. I trust the one I am following and will go where I am told and reap the blessings and continue to grow in the Lord.

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liciamack said...

Sarah, I remember being your age and thinking about how I always pictured my life to be so different then what Daddy had planned. Oh, the things we think when we're kids! We think we've got it all figured out!
It's a huge process to sit before His throne at those times in history and let Him help us release all of our expectations and step into trust.
I know you know that I'm proud of you for choosing to follow His lead when you very easily could have hunkered down and told Him that His lead didn't match up with your expectations of where your life would go.
Lastly, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this season! I absolutely cherish the memories of my times overseas and hope that some day Daddy will move me back into a season where that is possible. Until then I sit with Him in trust and enjoy the season He's chosen for me to be in.

Love you!