Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayers needed

So I was headed out this morning to meet with a friend and see some of the city but before jumping in the shower I checked my e-mail. When I opened my e-mail I found a link to a Santa Maria California news site, at the site I saw a picture of my cousin's husband and went on to read that he had died. It's not the sort of information I would ever hope to get over the internet but as my mother told me the situation permitted it since she lost my number along with everyone else's.

He was a California Highway Patrol officer in Santa Barbara and lived just up the mountain from SB. My cousin has been married about 5 years now but dated Jerrod for many years, they have a daughter (Julia) who is 4. I have a lot of memories of Jerrod being this cool dude who was dating Tricia and was really helpful to my grandmother around the house. He was a really sweet guy with a great sens of humor and a good laugh. If you remember a few months back my grandmother suddenly passed away. My grandmother raised my cousin and was a major part of her life, they were just coping with that loss as best they could. I've just talked with Tricia her and Julia are doing as best they can but please pray, pray hard for them. They are trying to get through it right now.

I'm not sure how other people and their cousins are but to me they are just about as close as siblings. There were six on my dad's side that lived down the street from us and then two on my mother's side in Santa Barbara. My mom, her mom and sister's were close and Tricia is like a daughter to my mother and her other aunt. Please be kneeling for my Aunt Eileen and my mom as they aid Tricia in any way they can.

I know the Lord will bring glory to himself in all situations, but not everyone believes that. Please ask the Lord to show himself mightily and to be seen clearly through those that follow Christ and interact with Tricia and Julia.

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