Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey everyone! Just wanted to see who's reading this. Please post a note.

So today was a computer work day. It went well and was pretty darn cool. The day was spent looking through Proverbs and 1st and 2nd Samuel. It was pretty cool trying to tie a Proverb to stories in David and Saul's life. The whole day reading scripture was so relaxing and exciting. There were so many things that made more sense when read in one sitting.

Today I came away with: David's true respect for God's anointed one! Even when Saul was being horrible to David and acting crazy David still did not harm him because he was God's anointed one. Then I thought what my sins did to the True Anointed One, and how the sins I continue each day hurt him. I aim to be more like David.


Eric said...

Just posting a note. How about C#...a half note above C. Love ya,

Sarah said...

C#? What's that?

Eric said...

It's a music note...a half step above C. It is also the same thing as D flat. : ) Ok, it sounded a little funny in my head. : ) Love ya.

Sarah said...

Ha! Yeah I guess I didnt pay very close attention when you have guitar lessons :) Thanks! Can't wait to hear when you're new little guy arrives!