Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is so soon!!!! The Christmas season started with a boom....there was a big Thanksgiving party with a ton of Ex-Pats it was a blast. Well now the weeks have been going by so fast Christmas will be here in less than two weeks :)
Please kneel for the Christmas parties we've been having here with our South Asian friends. I've had a number of wonderful opportunities to tell people about the REAL reason for Christmas. All the with birth of the baby King that was promised thousands of years before. Please continue to lift up the work here in South Asia. Please ask the Father to open the ears and hearts of the people who will hear about Chr1st this winter season.

Other things that would be great to have lifted up to the Father:
Budget issues and the stretched finances for my company in the coming year
Lottie Moon Chr1stmas Offering :)
My trip to the North East of my country for Chr1stmas with my national friend
Visa issues in my South Asia country. (There's a new Visa policy that is causing a lot of stress. Many things are being canceled or changed for this. Please ask the Father to show himself mightily to all of us in this situation)
K it's late and I have some meetings tomorrow that I need to be up EARLY for.
Loves and hugs!

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