Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HeyEveryone! So these last few weeks I have done A LOT of driving. The drive from Virginia to Alabama was pretty cool. I actually found out why the Misty Mountains were called the Misty Mountains. I think they should change the name to REALLY winding road, ZERO VIZABILITY, and scary mountain to attempt to stay on. It was really an adventure. Growing up in Northern California I thought I knew all about thick fog, lol.
A funny thing I saw while driving was a brown SUV dressed up like a reindeer that even had a red nose, I thought Buddy the Elf from Elf would have liked it. When I was driving in North-Western Oklahoma I saw a very peculiar sign on the side of the road. Hitch Hickers Might may be Escaping inmates, it was a true highlight.
The next day while leade North Western Oklahoma an entier flock of small birds flew inot the side of my car. There was nothing I could do but watch puffs of feathers fly off my cars one by one, it was really sad. TumbleWeeds blow like crazy on the windy roads. They come in all sizes, each time one would come rolling towards my car at high speeds I would brace for their impact. Each tumble weed hitting my car would turn out to be nothing, it was really funny after like the 20th hit.
The adventure continued while driving into Flagstaff there were spots of snow on the ground. I thought it was pretty then I got closer to Flagstaff and flakes turned into what looked like a whiteout effect. As I got to Flagstaff it changed into a winter storm. Getting out was a little challenging but let me tell you, the Father was with me as we drove on in the adventure. Feeling totally isolated yet held in His hands was a little taste of what living overseas might be like and the kind of trust I will continue to give Him.
The driving hasn't stop since arriving to Half Moon Bay. Visiting family in Santa Barbara, and experiencing Disneyland with my littlest cousin..... really a blessing. There's a ride in Fantasy Land made to be like themovie Peter Pan. As Nathaniel (littlest cousin), Teal (cousin) and I flew over London in a pirate ship and followed the 2nd star from the right to Neverland there were hundreds of lights "stars". It reminded me that the Father knows every star by name, it was such a bleesing to talk with Nate about the Fathers love for him.
While In Southern California i visited Vista and Oak Hills(a group of brothers and sisters in C that i worked wih a year 1/2 ago. It was a rich blessing to have fellowship with them.

Stay tuned, one week from today I'll take off for South Asia :)


Eileen Hamilton said...

Hi Sarah,

I hear you are safely arrived in Asia. I had to look up the definition of emprise: an adventurous, daring, or chivalric enterprise. It certainly seems to fit the bill. Good luck with your adventures.


Sarah said...

Hey! Yeah I made it hear, it's pretty darn cool. I thought Emprise was cool too, I found in in a thesaurus under adventure. Things have been great! I've already made some friends that will help be learn my new language. The food here is really good too!