Friday, January 16, 2009

I Made it!

Hey everyone!
I arrived in South Asia and love it! I've been here now three days. This has been my first chance to get online. Lets just say jet lag has been running its course, ha. Yesterday I went to bed at 5pm and got up around 7 am, it was wonderful. I've been shopping and got some fun cultural clothes. I've made some cool national freinds that I hope to get together with for coffee in the next few days. The food is amazing! I love it! The weather has been really mild in the 60's and up. Please be kneeling for me as I seek out language tutors and for me to be intentional and follow Dad in who He's calling me to build relationships with. You guys are such a blessings, thank you for kneeling and encouraging me. Please kneel for the people of South Asia!
Love lots, Sarah

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Tom Freeman said...


Been talking to my brothers about your ability to hear! The learning of a new language is always a challenge with the hearing of new and different sounds. We are very excited for you in all your new experiences. Tom